How Real Estate Agents Win Listings





The ECHO app provides a unique way for Real Estate Agents to communicate with prospects using an "ECHO-gram". Stay in contact with all of your Prospects in a mobile and real time basis.  Prospect areas include:

 Geographic Farms
 Past Clients
 FSBOs and Expired  

An ECHO-gram is a professional customizable PDF delivered via email or text. ECHO can optionally interface with the Agent’s native iPhone/iPad Contacts app. Agents can complete an ECHO-gram using an existing Contact's information.  ECHO can also create a new Contact from information entered into an ECHO-gram.

Agents can create a Farming spreadsheet of contacts, clients or prospects using the provided CSV formatted ECHO template or receive a completed spreadsheet from a third party provider like Cole Resources, the Agent’s title insurance representative or other sources. The spreadsheet data can then be imported directly into ECHO saving hours of data entry.

Farming ECHO-gram
Contact homeowners in your Geographic Farm on a regular monthly basis with a Farming ECHO-gram.  Impress prospective clients with a fast and current competitive market analysis, news in the neighborhood and your recent sales and listing results and new open houses.​

Past Clients ECHO-gram
Contact Past Clients several times a year with an ECHO-gram on the anniversary of their purchase, on holidays or birthdays.  Provide them with an updated competitive market analysis, or news in the neighborhood or your sales and listing results.  Per recent research, only 50% of Agents keep in contact with past clients. 

FSBOs and Expired ECHO-gram

Per the research, about 25% of all properties for sale or lease are now represented by the Owners without Real Estate Agents.  These properties are called For Sale or Rent by Owners (FSBOs for short) and Expired Listings.   Research indicated that 90% of these sellers will fail and hire an Agent. 


There are several customizable Templates available to get you started with creating ECHO-grams.  The FSBO Proposal Template is discussed below.  The Past Client and Farming Templates provide a starting point to communicate and update both Past and Farming clients.  The Templates include some suggested topics to communicate or use.  Add what you need to the template and what does not apply, simply delete as you would with any word document. You can always restore the template back to its original default format.


The ECHO Smart Farm feature allows the agent to import a large amount of prospect or client data from a CSV formatted (commas separated values) spreadsheet into ECHO. Using the provided pre-formatted spreadsheet template you enter data about each prospect and then import all of it at once. The prospects in your Smart Farm can then be sent directly to ECHO-grams and can also be added to your device's Contacts.

Using the Smart Farm template and importing your Smart Farm data into ECHO:

  • Email the Smart Farm template file to yourself or to whomever will be providing your data.
  • Download and rename the file. The file must remain in CSV format for import to ECHO.
  • Open the file with your favorite spreadsheet or text editing program and add your data under the appropriate column header names. Do not change the column header names.
  • Email the completed file with the new data back to your device that is running ECHO.
  • Import the file containing the new data into the ECHO Smart Farm. To do this, tap and hold on the template icon in the email. In the resulting menu scroll over to the right and select "Import with ECHO".
  • Back in ECHO the newly imported data can be found under "Smart Farm Database".
  • In the Smart Farm database tap on the farm file of your choice to view the prospects contained in that file.
  • Tap on any prospect in the list and select either "Send to ECHO-gram" or "Send to Contacts".


Echo provides winning pre-formatted PDF templates for your proposals. You can use the default template as is or edit the template to reflect your own style. The proposal will be updated with the most current information using "Proposal Inserts" which can be added anywhere within the proposal. You can even add images to your proposal.

It’s easy, to get started:

  • Tap on "ECHO-gram".
  • Select the template of your choice

Fill in the required fields:

  • About the Agent
  • About the Owner
  • About the Property

Customize your Introduction:

  • Tap on "Customize Your Introduction"
  • Customize the default template to reflect your own style.
  • Add "Insert" labels where you need them.

Next tap on "Build ECHO-gram". You are now in the Preview ECHO-gram window.


To edit your ECHO-gram, select Edit to open the Edit  ECHO-gram window. While in editing mode you can modify the template any way you like to reflect your own style. The template supports Rich Text so you can experiment with the various rich text editing buttons located in the scrolling tool bar located above the keyboard.

Images can be inserted and updated in your template using your camera or camera roll photos.

To insert a new image:

  • Tap anywhere in the template to position the cursor at the location where you want the new image to be located. Tip: you can also use the Justification tools located in the toolbar to help position the cursor.
  • Tap the image button located in the tool bar (the first icon just to the right of "Add Insert").
  • In the resulting popup menu, tap the small camera icon.
  • Choose either "Select Image" or "Take New Photo".
  • If prompted for permission to use you device's photos  be sure to select "OK".
  • Select an image from your photo library or take a new photo (depending on which option you selected earlier).
  • Adjust the image size by entering a number into the third field of the image edit box. You can start out by trying the default value but you may need to experiment with the size.
  • Tap "Insert" when done.
  • The new image should appear at the cursor's current location.

To update an existing image:

  • Tap on any existing image.
  • If you just need to adjust the existing image's size you can simply enter a new number into the third field then tap "Update".
  • If you want to change the image then simply tap the small camera icon.
  • Choose either "Select Image" or "Take New Photo".
  • If prompted for permission to use you device's photos  be sure to select "OK".
  • Select an image from your photo library or take a new photo (depending on which option you selected earlier).
  • Adjust the image size by entering a number into the third field of the image edit box. You can start out by trying the default value but you may need to experiment with the size.
  • Tap "Update" when done.
  • The updated image should appear at the old image's location..

To delete an existing image:

  • Position your cursor in front of the existing image that you want to delete in the template.
  • Tap the backspace icon ("x") located on the keyboard until you have deleted the image.

Below is a link to a short video walk-through which highlights inserting and updating images in the template. 

Watch Proposal Image how-to video


Tap on "Submit ECHO-gram" then select "Submit Text" or "Submit Email". Once you submit your ECHO-gram it will be saved to history. You can view your ECHO-gram history by tapping "View History".



A professional customizable document (PDF) delivered by text and / or email. The purpose of an ECHO-gram is to give  Real Estate Agents the tools to start and continue  a successful relationship with Past Clients, Farming Prospects and FSBO and Expired Listings by providing interesting and topical real estate market information, announcements, and property valuations. Our goal is, when it's time for the owner to sell, the ECHO Real state Agent is their first choice to list the property.


Licensed Real Estate Agent in the State the property is located.


(For Sale By Owner) An owner acting without a license Real Estate agent seeking to Sell or Rent a property.

ECHO-gram Template

Echo provides a default working template for your ECHO-gram. It can be modified to reflect your own style, experience and skill set. It can be sent to a prospect via Email, Text Message or traditional US Mail. ECHO-grams include an short introduction and a  printable PDF attachment built from the ECHO-gram template.

ECHO-gram Details

The minimum required data necessary to begin building your ECHO-gram. Here you enter information About the Agent, About the Owner and About the Property. This information can be changed at any time and values from these fields will be updated automatically within your ECHO-gram Templates assuming you are using  "Inserts".

ECHO-gram Inserts

ECHO-gram "Inserts" can be used in the ECHO-gram Template as well as the Introduction and represent key pieces of information that might change often. You can add ECHO-gram Inserts anywhere into your ECHO-grams and they will automatically update when the related information changes in the ECHO-gram Details required fields. This eliminates the need to revise the ECHO-gram Template every time you send a new ECHO-gram to a new owner and property. For example, you might want to add the ECHO-gram Insert called "PropertyAddress" at several different locations within your ECHO-gram. In this scenario each time you revise the Property Address in the ECHO-gram Details the address will be automatically updated at all of those locations within your ECHO-gram Template.

The property's full address (street, city, state zip)



The owner's full name

The owner's first name only

AgentNameThe real estate agent's full name (first name, last name)
AgentCompanyThe real estate agent's company name
AgentLicenseThe real estate agent's license state and license number
AgentPhoneThe real estate agent's phone number
AgentEmailThe real estate agent's email address


Watch ECHO-gram Insert how-to video


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